Flowerbeds Maintenance
Flowerbeds are the embodiment of intensive high level construction and maintenance platform. Company do strict control from the links of design, construction team, plants purchase and maintenance management, in order to ensure that the flowerbeds always maintain a good landscape. Professional design team makes the design, variety, color matching of the flowerbeds. Another construction team with experienced planting technology ensures the quality of planting. Regarding the plants purchase, company take "Five" principle (variety, color, specifications, time, producers) to purchase flowers, ensure the flower quality into the first-class.
In recent years, company construction, maintenance and management of the flowerbeds in the professional examination of Shanghai has always been among the best, to get well feedback from flower experts.
Xuhui Landscape is also very innovative in its practice. It is the first company in Shanghai that makes use of Tulips to decorate public green spaces. It has been widely praised by the public.

Picture 1:Huating small garden

  Picture 2:Flowerbed in Shanghai south railway station

Picture 3:Tulip opening in Caoxi north road
Picture 4:Flowerbed in Xi An musical festival

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