Ancient and Famous Trees Maintenance and Transplanting of Big Trees
Until 2015, Shanghai has a total of 1588 ancient and famous trees and 1026 trees are on their way to become it. Xuhui District has a total of 185 ancient and famous trees in the area and 68 trees will follow up.
Ancient and famous trees maintenance and transplanting is not only the standard of the maintenance level of a landscape company, but also has a high level of scientific and technological content. Xuhui Landscape has a professional and technical team specially dedicated for the maintenance and transplanting of trees. Through years of continuous efforts, Xuhui Landscape contributed to the preservation of a charming and historical culture in the Xuhui district.

Picture 1:Cinnamomum camphora in Xujiahui park 

Picture 2:Podocarpus macrophyllus in Guilin park
Picture 3:Bischofia polycarpa in Caoxi park

Picture 4:Magnolia Grandiflora in Xiangyang park

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