Typhoon Prevention
In daily work Xuhui landscape establishment a rapid mechanism to response to the typhoon. Each year before the typhoon season there will be flood prevention exercises to strengthen the ability of the emergency response team.
Before the typhoon comes, Xuhui Landscape checks the details of the trees in the Xuhui area and then carries out safety measures.
The focus is put on the inspection of new planted trees, tall trees, trees with shallow roots and trees that lies in the wind opening. Then several protection measures can be taken depending on the situation.
Security officers together with the person in charge are always closely concerned about the weather forecast and typhoon warnings. Through television, internet, smartphone apps they are able to track the direction of the typhoon on time. All members of the emergency rescue team are standby at the same place before the typhoon comes and can be dispatched at any time.
During the typhoon danger, rescue workers arrive at the scene in a timely manner and then pull the warning line. In case of facing wires, gas and other issues they must first contact the relevant departments. This is according to standards of the rescue operation.
After the typhoon, depending on the specific circumstance there will be corresponding measures taken to the trees. Seriously affected trees by the typhoon will get extra maintenance.

Picture 1:Typhoon prevention practice
Picture 2:Typhoon prevention practice
Picture 3: Typhoon Matsa in Shanghai   

Picture 4: Defense Typhoon Matsa

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